INTERVIEW: No Compromise Gun Organization Reveals its Plans for 2020 and Beyond

Founded in 1976, Gun Owners of America was the first no compromise gun lobby in the United States. It has built a reputation for its steadfast devotion to restoring the Second Amendment and taking politicians in both parties to task for their failure to defend Americans’ sacred right to self-defense. BLP was able to get in touch with Jordan Stein, The Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America and talk to him about GOA’s plans.

1. GOA has historically positioned itself as a no compromise lobby for decades. In your time with the organization, have you guys witnessed an increased desire for no compromise, pro-Second Amendment candidates?

Absolutely! Gun owners are sick and tired of candidates saying one thing on the campaign trail and voting the other way when in office.


2. 2020 appears to be a heated election cycle and the gun control issue never seems to go away. What are GOA’s primary goals heading into the General Election?

GOA is involved in key races around the country to send those who simply give lip service to the Second Amendment packing and replace them with patriots who seek to fully restore the Constitution.


3. I’ve noticed that GOA has been involved in other fights at lower levels of government during the past few years. As far as state legislative projects go, do you guys have anything planned for 2020 and beyond?

GOA’s main goal for 2020 and beyond is to provide our members and other gun rights activists in key states the opportunity to make their voices heard to their legislators through grassroots activism and lobbying. This is vital to some of our major objectives, such as passing Constitutional Carry and defeating “red flag” laws. Examples of this are our recent lobby day in Nashville as well as partnering with the Virginia Citizens Defense League for the Lobby Day in Richmond on January 20th.


4. In addition to state level activities, there was a strong GOA presence in some of the sanctuary county movements across the country, above all, Virginia. They appear to be the latest wave of revolts against gun control. How do you guys see those plans playing out?

Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances (SASOs) are an effective way to send a message to both the state and federal representatives of a state, that their citizens will not support those who violate their rights and attempt to dismantle the Second Amendment. As opposed to resolutions that simply state a localities’ intent or position, an ordinance creates legal parameters and guidelines that the locality follows as law, allowing them to be enforced in ways that resolutions are not. For this reason, GOA supports the adoption of Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances as a method of safeguarding your rights and sending a message to your state and the federal government.


5. At the end of the day, getting people elected is the name of the game in politics.  What candidates have received endorsements from GOA in the 2020 elections?

While not all of our endorsements have been announced yet, GOA has endorsed in several key races such as Nick Freitas (VA-07), Thomas Massie (KY-04), Chip Roy (TX-21) and more.


6. We know, there are significant obstacles within the Republican Party when it comes to advancing pro-gun legislation. Since GOA has become more involved in grassroots lobbying, have you guys encountered more resistance from GOP types over the years? Or have you guys made enough headway inside the GOP that even establishment figures have to respect GOA’s presence?

GOA’s mission is to hold politicians to the high standard of “shall not be infringed.” As a result, the Republican leadership doesn’t always enjoy our company.

Recently, the establishment miscalculated a political situation when leadership ignored the will of gun owners and went forward with the nomination of an anti-gun appointee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Nonetheless, GOA rallied grassroots gun owners and successfully defeated the nominee.


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