INTERVIEW: Pamela Geller Reacts To Latest Islamic Terror Attack

The latest example of the rath of Islamic teror and its clash with The West turned deadly at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France. This attack comes at a time of increased tension as French citizens rise up in protest against the Macron government. I reached out Pamela Geller to get her reaction to these events.

BLP: What do you think France should do to prevent future Islamist attacks?

Pamela Gellar: End mass Muslim migration. End the enforcement of Sharia in Muslim enclaves. Enforce the law of France for all people in France. Do not allow a parelell legal system that considers itself superior to take hold and spread. Vigourously prosecute and then deport jihadis.

Do you believe the populist revolt is connected to the French problem of Islamic mass migration?

There is no public sign that it is, but the more mass migration occurs, we will certainly be seeing protests over that as well.

Has Macron contributed to this problem?

Certainly. He is an open borders globalist.He refuses to admit there is a problem with Islam and worse wants to pubnish countries who oppose mass migration policies. That kind of thinking allows people such as Cherif Chekatt free reign. Thank you for the interview.

Thus we see that open borders policies and globalist multiculturalism have not served Europe well. This should be very clear to our country as well.

Open borders are a recipe for disaster.

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