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INTERVIEW: Pro-Trump Singers Surge to #3 on Amazon After Being Censored on YouTube



One day after musicians Kaya Jones and Joy Villa went public about being censored on YouTube, they both soared to the top of Amazon’s singles charts.

Jones’ single “What the Heart Don’t Know” has now surpassed Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kesha, Selena Gomez, Gucci Mane and Miley Cyrus in pop’s “New Releases.” The patriotic tune is only behind Taylor Swift’s new single “Look What You Made Me Do” and Pink’s “What About Us.”

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Likewise, Villa’s single “Make America Great Again” is now number three on Amazon’s rock singles chart.

Jones’ song is a touching tribute to the US military and the hardship that families go through while their loved ones are serving. She hoped that her video would help to remind our fractured nation to respect and be grateful to our service members and their families for their sacrifices.

Big League Politics interviewed Jones about the censorship and her new hit single.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was like wow! What am I seeing?” Jones said of her skyrocketing sales. “So, we were at 430 overall best sellers across all of Amazon sales, which is across every genre, and 105 in pop digital songs. Then it moved overall bestsellers to 358 and 86 in digital pop. At this point it started to move really quickly, and I knew at this point it was my following — it was Trump supporters, and most importantly fans. It was the fans. Fans made that happen. I think a lot of them are Trump supporters, or pro-country, or pro-military — or even just pro-artist. I had a lot of people say they aren’t fans of the genre, but they support what I am standing for and are against the censorship of artists. It was American people supporting art and not allowing censorship,” Jones told Big League.

Jones added, “that’s the thing that should really be conveyed. Across the board, whether you are liberal, conservative, centrist — artists should not be censored. I have my opinions on people like Snoop Dogg and Madonna, but at the end of the day they are artists and have a right to express themselves and their narrative. The video where Snoop Dogg is pretending to shoot Trump didn’t get taken down — and that is his right as a free thinker to put that out there. I don’t agree with him, but it’s his right to put it out there — just like it’s my right to say I love our military and not have it get taken down.”

Though Jones is a strong supporter of our president, the song and video do not contain any pro-Trump imagery or messaging. Jones noted that she currently holds the record for the most shows during a war for a pop artist, for performing 20 shows in Iraq in 10 days. She was supposed to perform 24 in 12 days, but the area came under a severe rocket attack.

On Monday, Jones and Villa did a joint periscope to discuss what they call attempts to target them over their views. Both singers had new music videos that were being tampered with by YouTube. Jones explained that the views on her new pro-military video “What the Heart Don’t Know” have been bizarrely going down. Screenshots provided to Big League by Jones confirmed with time stamps that her view count has been severely inconsistent and often dropping. Supporters have also been commenting on the video saying that their ‘likes’ are disappearing.

Meanwhile, Villa has been hit with a cease and desist letter from the platform — after someone claimed to be in the video for her song “Make American Great Again” and demanded it be removed.

Villa maintains that she has both written and verbal consent from everyone featured in her music video, and YouTube did not provide a name or any proof that the complaint came from someone who actually appeared in it.

“I think we were attacked because we support Trump and country. Truthfully, I have no idea why, as my video is pro-military and supporting military families Joy’s video is about love of country,” Jones told Big League when asked about the censorship.

Jones told Big League that her video was paying homage to the loved one’s who are left behind after their spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends, give the ultimate sacrifice of their life for this nation — and that seeing something on this topic being censored has been especially hurtful.

In a display of great unity amongst the Trump train, supporters flocked to Jones’ song and moved it right up in the charts. Meanwhile, the YouTube view count for her video is still barely moving — despite the ‘likes’ count rising. 

“I hope in my heart that more artists come together and start trying to unite the country in a big way. Artists are meant to make you happy, keep you smiling, and make the hard times better,” Jones said. “That’s supposed to be what we are great at doing.”

Jones added that much of this burden will be on independent artists, such as herself, who are able to speak out in a big way and express their true feelings. She noted that perhaps artists, such as herself, are being targeted because they are a real threat to the establishment as they want to unite a country that the swamp wants to see divided.

Speaking on the VMA’s, Jones explained that she was disappointed that the artists with such a large platform didn’t try to unite the country around helping the communities effected by Hurricane Harvey, or just in general. She noted that Paris Jackson gave a speech denouncing “Nazis,” a term which has been loosely thrown around to describe Trump supporters as a whole.

“I’m a biracial woman, I’m Jamaican and Native American — but nobody sees that when they look at me. They see a white woman,” Jones said. “Joy is the same, shes a biracial woman. We’re both biracial women who are by no means racist and it’s very hurtful when people say this about us. They hate her because of her beautiful Foxy Brown ‘fro — they see her and they are like what are you doing? They want to control that narrative, they want us to hate Trump. It’s crazy.”

To help do their part for America, beyond trying to unite people through the power of music, Jones and Villa also did a joint Periscope video to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, helping to raise $200,000 for humanitarian aid organization Mercury One.

“To me, when Mother Nature — or really God — steps in and screams that loud, everyone just needs to stop the hatred. It’s not about who you voted for, it’s about coming together as a nation. It’s about getting behind your country and helping your communities out. You’re not happy with Trump? Fine. You want to change something? Instead of rioting, take the clothes from your garage that don’t fit you anymore and go donate them to a veterans charity or a battered women’s shelter. You want to make a difference? Take the meal you aren’t going to finish and give it to someone on the street,” Jones said.

The musician asserted that instead of rioting and silencing others — people should focus on making their own communities better. Change starts at home, after all.

“If you want to make a difference — make that difference. What’s going on now is people screaming about how they don’t like Trump and want to see a change, but what if someone did one thing every day for someone they don’t know? What would that world look like?” Jones asked.

Violent Left

BLM Activist Wearing “Justice for Breonna Taylor” T-Shirt Shoots, Kills Three People in Bar Owned by Louisville Ex-Cop

This hasn’t been reported on at all.



A man wearing a “Justice for Breonna Taylor” t-shirt allegedly shot and killed three people at a Louisville, Kentucky bar owned by a retired police officer on Friday night.

33-year old Michael E. Rynes was arrested by Louisville police on Friday after the mass shooting event, in which he allegedly shot three people at random at Bungalow Joe’s Bar and Grill. They all died of their injuries.

Eyewitness accounts describe Rynes as wearing a ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ t-shirt when he entered the establishment and began shooting.

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Rynes would be arrested by Louisville Police hours after the shooting while hiding in a bush near Bungalow Joe’s. He matched the description given in initial 911 calls regarding the shooting, and possessed a firearm with ammunition used at the bar shooting. The 33-year old Rynes, whose social media contains content expressing his support for left-wing BLM causes and NFL anthem kneeling, was arrested and charged with three counts of murder for his alleged involvement in the shootings.

Rynes was seen smiling in photography of his arrest hours after the bar shooting.

Taylor was a Louisville woman who was shot and killed by police earlier this year during an operation in which they were seeking to apprehend her drug dealer boyfriend. Progressive and BLM activists have sought to publicize the controversial shooting-which remains under investigation by the Kentucky Attorney General- as an alternative to the incidences involving Jacob Blake and George Floyd, both of whom had extensive criminal histories when they resisted arrest for crimes.

Nobody had ever seen this guy before,Said restaurant owner and retired law enforcement officer Joe Bishop, referring to the shooter. “It was a totally random act.

26-year old Toreon Hudson, 48-year old William Smallwood, and 24-year old Steven Head were killed in Rynes alleged shooting rampage. Two of the murder victims were white, and one was black.

This appears to be the latest Black Lives Matter mass shooting, following Micah Xavier’s mass shooting of five Dallas, Texas police officers in 2016. Peculiar that the corporate media has largely ignored the mass casualty event while devoting hours of coverage to the controversial Taylor shooting, which remains under official investigation.

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