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Interview Proves That Tucker Is The Best Fox News Adviser For President Trump



President Donald Trump’s interview Monday with Fox News 8 PM host Tucker Carlson provided a fascinating window into the president’s mind — revealing that Trump is far more committed to pure America First principles than he sometimes gets credit for. Carlson broadcasted Monday from the North/South Korea border.

Trump spoke of his desire to leave Afghanistan, his interest in “not policing the world,” and even said of the Bush administration, “They attacked the wrong country. They (9/11 terrorists) didn’t come from Iraq.”

Trump’s interview comes on the heels of Tucker joining the president on his trip to Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un (John Bolton was not present). President Trump’s peacemaking efforts are defusing a once volatile nuclear situation and also undercutting Un ally China’s leverage in trade negotiations, in which Trump is trying to finalize a deal for China to spend $1.2 trillion on American goods by 2024. These negotiations are made possible thanks to economic pressure from Trump’s tariffs on the Chinese.

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Tucker Carlson — credited with stopping the imminent U.S. war with Iran at the last moment — is clearly the best Fox News host and the only on-air personality who should advise Trump. The president finally made it through the Mueller case against him during a two-year period in which he received very bad advice from some of the clueless neocon Iraq War cheerleaders around him who wanted to selfishly stomp out the people who actually knew what was going on the whole time regarding the Crossfire Hurricane plot against Trump (READ my classic 2016 Breitbart article about Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal and Bleach Bit, which I called Worse Than Watergate in the first paragraph).


Weak Senator Mitt Romney Attacks GOP’s Investigation On Sleepy Joe’s Corruption



On September 16, 2020, Utah Senator Mitt Romney criticized his fellow Republicans in the Senate Homeland Security Committee for their investigation into Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

Romney declared that this investigation had the “earmarks of a political exercise.”

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, the leader of this investigation, said to reporters on September 14 that “in about a week we’re going to learn a whole lot more of Vice President Biden’s unfitness for office.” The committee is in the process of investigating Hunter Biden’s work for Ukrainian gas company Burisma during a time when Joe Biden was the head of Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

Romney specifically stated at a hearing on September 16 that the investigation “from the outset had the earmarks of a political exercise. I’m fearful that comments made in the media recently have only confirmed that perspective.”

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The Utah Senator declared “It’s not the legitimate role of government, for Congress or for taxpayer expense, to be used in an effort to damage political opponents.” He added, “I do believe it’s very important that the committees of Congress, and ours in particular, not fall into an increasing pattern that we’re seeing, which is using taxpayer dollars and the power of Congress to do political work. That’s the role of campaigns.”

Earlier in March of this year, Romney said that the investigation “appears” to be politically motivated. However, a spokesperson for the senator said that he ended up changing his mind the following day after receiving a promise from Johnson that the probe would be conducted behind closed doors.

Romney yet again shows his true colors as a Republican with no spine. In a previous report, BLP exposed Romney for calling out Trump and asserting that he is stoking racial animosity. Romney’s politically correct comments show how low he will stoop to in trying to seek approval from the political establishment. It’s no surprise why he voted to impeach Trump earlier this year.

Serious conservatives should do everything possible to boot Romney out of the party.

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