INTERVIEW: Robert Spencer on ‘Stealth Jihad,’ Claims Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration Of U.S. Government

Robert Spencer is a world scholar on Islam and The Koran. Spencer kindly agreed to an interview with Big League Politics. With him it’s only the truth. He is not a provocateur but a scholar. Below is my discussion with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

1.What single event had the most impact on you in coming to the realization that Islamists pose a threat to Western Civilization?

The 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. I was just beginning to study Islam and suddenly saw the doctrine of jihad acted out vividly on the world stage. No one, then as now, seemed to notice that there was any larger ideology playing out.

2. You have discussed civilization jihad please explain what that is and how big a threat it is?

Civilization jihad, or stealth jihad as I termed it in my 2008 book of that name, is the attempt to attain the goal of jihad – the imposition of Sharia – by peaceful, rather than violent, means. It is an immense and still largely unnoticed threat, as evidence of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the U.S. government, and Saudi influence over the government, is largely ignored or dismissed as “Islamophobia” – which term is itself a creation of the stealth jihad initiative.

3.Which political thinkers are your biggest influence?

James Madison. Alexander Hamilton. Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Sowell. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn. Martin Van Buren. Chester Arthur. Whittaker Chambers. George Orwell. Arthur Koestler.

4.What can be done to counter the influence of seditious groups like CAIR and Islamists like Linda Sarsour?

Keep telling the truth about them. Never give up. Tell the truth about them at every opportunity.

5. Explain the alliance between the left and Islamists?

Both hate America. Both hate the Judeo-Christian tradition. Both hate free society and the freedom of speech. Both are totalitarians. They’re kindred spirits.

6. What can be done to stem the tide of mass Islamic migration to Western Civilization?

Convince Americans, and American politicians, that there is a serious likelihood both of jihad violence and civil strife with Sharia supremacists if that migration continues. The recent history of Europe should make this abundantly clear to everyone.

7. In this election besides the President who gets the threat of Islamization and mass migration who else in the Senate and House are reliable in this area?

Louie Gohmert.

8.Do you have any upcoming books on Islam?  And what are some of your other scholarly works? 

I’m just about to start a book about the jihad against Israel. I’ve written 18 books, including The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which is the only one-volume narrative history of jihad all around the world in the English language. Among my other books is The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.