INTERVIEW With Elizabeth Warren’s Challenger

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is an independent candidate for Senate in Massachusetts challenging Democrat Elizabeth Warren.

1. Mr. Ayyadurai what inspired you to run for Senate?

I have always been politically inclined. When Trump won the election in 2016, it showed us the way that an outsider could win the election. The current state of politics in our country is rotten and Elizabeth Warren is one of the reasons for the rot.

2. How does your experience as a successful entrepreneur prepare you for a career in public service?

My biggest challenge as an entrepreneur was in finding good people and I have a knack for that. I also figured out how to carve my own path and so I am not owned by anyone. I have not received any money from Big Banks, Big Agriculture, Big Law, Big Media or Big Federal Contractors. In fact, they have ganged up to oppose me and keep me off the debate stage. So all my policies will be in favor of the people. It won’t be my Senate seat. It will be the seat of the citizens and I will only be their representative. I won’t dance to the tune of lobbyists like Warren now dances.

3. Who’s your favorite figure in politics?

Kamaraj, Malcolm X, and Abraham Lincoln

4. How does it feel as a Real Indian American when your opponent Elizabeth Warren falsely claims to be Indian even if she claims to be Native American?

Warren is a fraud and represents everything that is wrong with our system. She is the epitome of corruption and supports Monsanto which created Agent Orange which destroyed not only the lives of innocent people in Vietnam but also of our veterans. I call her Monsantohontas.

5. Contrast your economic views with Elizabeth Warren?

Elizabeth Warren secretly met with Wall Street honcho Robert Wolf whose bank benefited from the Wall Street bailout. She supports Goldman Sachs and their policy that destroyed Community Banks. I won’t support artificially creating banks that are too big to fail and will remove laws that bust community banks. Warren’s support for Dodd-Frank is reprehensible as it destroyed over 1500 Community banks by imposing unfair regulations on them. Making them fail was by design. That was the goal of Dodd-Frank. Warren also took a salary of $350,000 per year for teaching just one course while the average net worth of blacks in her backyard is just $8. This is shameful. I will support taxing Harvard which is really a hedge fund and will use the money for causes like solving homelessness in our state.

6. Describe your political philosophy?

My issues focus on actually reducing the cost of healthcare by lowering the cost of drugs by busting the GPO scam and lowering the barrier of entry to becoming doctors by having undergraduate degrees in Medicine without wasting time on useless humanities subjects which can be dealt in high school. I also want to end the government underwriting the Student Loan program so that universities set the tuition at reasonable rates instead of indulging in price gouging. I want to end the unnecessary wars and oppose the grip over our food by Big Agriculture.
All my plans are based on decentralization. Finally, there is Harvard that needs to be reined in. Today, the Supreme Court judges are a monopoly of Harvard and Yale. I will not vote for another judge who is from either of these two universities. They exist only to protect the status quo.

7. What are your hopes for the future of Massachusetts?

It appears bleak now but we can break the monopoly of the GOP and Democrats and break free of them and declare our independence. At that point of time, corruption will decrease and our infrastructure will improve.

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