Introducing ‘Fab G’: Fairy Godmother is Played by Crossdressing Black Man in Cinderella Reboot

Amazon has released images of Billy Porter’s “Fab G,” who will play the role of the fairy godmother in the upcoming Cinderella reboot.

Writer-director Kay Cannon made it abundantly clear that she is creating her movie, described as a “jukebox musical” that will be released on Amazon Prime in September, to push an agenda.

“I was like, ‘I could retell the Cinderella story?'” Cannon said. “I could modernize it, and change Cinderella so that she’s vocal and active?”

Cannon wrote the role with Porter in mind. Porter has been used by the media to normalize gender bending and crossdressing in the minds to the masses. He even appeared in a dress at the Democrat National Committee in a surreal display last year.

“Billy articulated the idea [that] magic has no gender,” Cannon said, noting that Porter appears in the movie for “only like 12 minutes” but will “be your favorite part.”

“He fits the role so well. He’s so ridiculously talented,” she added. “To me, Billy is magic.”

Cannon may be proud of her work, but the audiences may not agree. There have been several instances of entertainment media with a far-left agenda cratering in recent years.

Big League Politics reported on how a “woke” reboot of Watchmen became a big fat ratings loser for HBO:

HBO debuted Watchmen this past weekend, and viewers are rejecting it largely due to its violent, anti-white content.

The initial scene of the show featured an instance of racist violence by whites against blacks in Tulsa, OK, which sets the stage for the series that is meant to demonize white people as monsters – a typical leftist trope seen throughout the mainstream media in the age of President Donald Trump.

“What’s happened is that Trump has just emboldened people. They were always there, feeling the way they’ve been feeling, but now, oh my gosh,” Watchmen actress Regina King said in an interview.

“No one wants their filthy past, their dirty little secret, to come out. A lot of people in these positions of power – white men – don’t even realize it was a problem, or something you should feel embarrassed about,” she added.

The show creator Damon Lindelof, who also created Lost and The Leftovers, has said publicly that he made the show to be as “woke” as possible.

“When I started to think about what ‘Watchmen’ was going to be, trying to think about it in the original source material, the book was highly political,” Lindelof said to the Television Critics Association this summer. “What in 2019 is the equivalent of the nuclear standoff between Russia and the U.S.? It felt like it was undeniably race and policing in America.”

“This show is trolling the white savior,” he added.”

Hopefully this upcoming reboot of Cinderella featuring this reprobate prancing around in a dress fails miserably as well. At least that way we’ll know this trend isn’t supported by the masses.

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