Investor Bill Ackman Says the US Should Consider Sending Troops to Ukraine to Enforce Red Line

Pershing Square Capital Management CEO and founder Bill Ackman wants the United States to establish a red line to stop the use of nuclear weapons. 

Ackman posted a Twitter thread directed to President Joe Biden asking if it’s “un-American to sit back and watch this [Russo-Ukrainian conflict] transpire?”

“The defense of Ukraine is a just war. It is not about oil or money. It is about right and wrong, and those are the wars that we should fight. And if we take the long-term view and punish madmen for their actions, we can deter their larger ambitions,” Ackman declared.

The founder of Pershing Square Capital Management believes that the current crisis in Eastern Europe serves as an opportunity to set a “real red line”. The hedge fund manager alluded to the failure of the Obama administration in establishing a red line during the Syrian Civil War, which worried the investor about America’s power on the world stage. Ackman said to Biden “the time is now” to act.

Ackman said in a follow-up to his thread that he’s not calling on American troops to be deployed instantly to Ukraine. But he thinks if nuclear weapons are used in this conflict, the U.S. would have no choice but to enter the conflict. 

Overall, people of Ackman’s class can talk about intervening all  they want, since they and their children don’t have to worry about being sent to the frontlines of a potential nuclear conflict. However, Middle America, where most of the armed forces tend to recruit from. 

The good news is most Americans don’t care about intervening in Ukraine as BLP has previously reported. As always, the American people have strong instincts when it comes to the issue.

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