Iowa Antifa Says Landlords Need ‘Democratically-Approved Appointment’ With Guillotine

Iowa Antifa Threatens Violence Against Landlords

A now deleted remark posted to the the Iowa Antifa Facebook Page seemed to suggest taking violent actions against landlords in an Iowa community.

In response to an article describing an Iowa mobile home community’s decision to increase lot fees, the local Antifa group appeared to suggest committing acts of violence against the landlords in retribution.

The landlords announced a 69 per cent increase to the lot fees paid by residents of the mobile home community, then after public outcry decided to give residents an extended period of time before the fees would go into effect, theoretically giving them time to find alternate housing if they considered it too expensive.

Iowa Antifa then quoted the news article and wrote, “These landlords need a democratically-approved appointment with a guillotine.”

Iowa Antifa Threatens Violence Against Landlords

The post was shared widely across social media before it was eventually removed. It is not known whether it was deleted by the admins of the Facebook Page, or whether Facebook removed the apparent threat of violence as a violation of its Community Standards.

The Iowa Antifa Facebook Page has continued posting, suggesting Facebook did not take action, as the platform would usually temporarily restrict users from posting as punishment for violating the platform’s Community Standards.

On a national level, Antifa has begun to pose a serious threat to national security. Last month, the Department of Homeland Security stated that Antifa poses the same threat to the United States as the Islamic State, and added that it is more dangerous than several other well known terrorist groups.

Earlier this year Joseph Alcoff, the apparent leader of the Washington, D.C. Antifa group was arrested after allegedly assaulting a group of marines during a conservative demonstration.

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