Iowa Congressman Publishes Email From AP Reporter Attacking Him Over Tea Party Facebook Group

Iowa congressman Rod Blum (Republican from District 1) received an angry email from a reporter for The Associated Press named Ryan J. Foley.

The mainstream reporters are working together to target the Tea Party Facebook Group, which is the largest and most influential tea party community that still exists on Facebook. The community draws its roots in anti-bailout and pro-American nationalist sentiment dating back to 2009. The dedicated readers see the group as a second family: many of them remember the old victories, like Rick Santelli calling for the tea party movement on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. The populist movement led to the 2010 Tea Party victory in the House and Senate, and the blocking of major Obama legislative reforms.


The Koch Brothers subsequently gained visible control of the tea party movement by churning out well-funded nonprofit groups in Washington, D.C. to hire conservative millenials. Before Turning Point USA — an operation of Christian Republican leader and Senate candidate Foster Friess — most of the groups reaching out to young conservatives were Koch groups. Once the student leaders were into the Koch matrix, they quickly turned into pro-open borders “libertarians” backing a third-party Gary Johnson effort to reduce President Donald Trump’s vote share in 2016. They failed.

But the Tea Party Facebook group is still going, it’s still influential, and it still means a lot to conservatives all around the United States. The group is not racist. It is a monument to American patriotism.

But the mainstream media wants to tear down all monuments to American patriotism, so a coordinated effort to target the group is underway — kicked off, of course, by Media Matters, which tells the mainstream corporate liberal media what to “write.”

Then reporters from phony corporate media outlets start harassing other reporters, and politicians, and try to silence people who are living their lives and promoting American patriotism.

So Rod Blum did not take too Kindly to this latest effort to shut down a prominent Tea Party community.

He released the entire hateful email sent by the reporter, who gets paid to try to destroy (and fail) rather than engage and create.

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