Iowa Democrat Senate Candidate MELTS DOWN As Joni Ernst Calls Out Her Perfidious Business Record

Republican Senator Joni Ernst called out her Democratic challenger’s business record during a debate on Saturday, and her opponent melted down when confronted with her poor track record leading a home construction company.

Iowa Democrat Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield appeared genuinely disturbed by Ernst’s description of her business record. Greenfield’s former company, Rottlund Homes, was repeatedly sued by creditors and homeowners for poor construction work and failing to follow legal agreements.

Ms Greenfield has been sued for shoddy workmanship… breach of contract. She’s a handpicked candidate from Nancy Pelosi. She’s someone who filed for bankruptcy, sticking it to Iowa businesses to the tune of $29 million dollars…

It sort of looks like Greenfield was on the brink of tears, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

It is true that Greenfield former campaign manager (when she ran for the House of Representatives) plead guilty to felony election fraud, admitting to faking petition signatures to get Greenfield on the ballot. She dropped out of the race and blamed the employee for the fraud when he was caught.

Democrats say they’re going to take back the Iowa Senate seat, in a state that has increasingly shifted towards the Republican Party. One would think they might select a candidate with a more unimpeachable personal track record than the shoddy contractor and election fraud candidate that Greenfield is.

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