Iowa Elected Officials Approve $3 Million Grant Program to Help Purchase Firearms For Teachers

Iowa House elected officials are advancing a bill that would allocate $3 million to pay for training for school districts that opt to arm staff members and could be used to purchase firearms for school employees.

The legislation in question, House Study Bill 692, is part of a broader bill with other school safety mandates. It is designed to complement a separate bill House elected officials  recently passed that would let teachers and other members of school staff acquire a professional permit to carry firearms on school premises, and grant them legal immunity for the use of reasonable force.

Both bills are part of Republicans’ policy response to a deadly shooting at Perry High School in January.

School districts would be restricted to grants of $25,000, under the legislation. They could use the money to buy infrastructure and equipment connected to arming staff, or to facilitate mandatory staff training.

Schools could also use the money to “provide stipends to employees who participate in the training associated with employee permits to carry weapons,” the bill outlined.

On March 6, the bill was passed in the House Appropriations Committee on a partisan basis after Republicans modified the legislation to establish the grant program for costs connected with arming school staff. 

The original bill would have doled out $3 million for a grant program for schools to buy emergency radios, but the amendment allocates that money toward training and employee stipends for school districts that are against arming staff.

Although Iowa passed Constitutional Carry in recent years, it still has work to do on gun policy. According to Guns & Ammo magazines’ best states for gun owners rankings’, Iowa is ranked in 33rd place.

So it still has work to do on gun policy. Passing this legislative reform will not only improve Iowa’s pro-gun profile but also promote school safety.

This is the way that red states should go if they’re serious about promoting school safety.

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