Iowa Governor: Will She Sign The ‘Heartbeat Bill’ Banning Abortions For Children With A Heartbeat?

Republican Iowa governor Kim Reynolds is facing a decision that will define her political future in the conservative state of Iowa.

Will Reynolds sign the “Heartbeat Bill,” which bans abortions of children who have a heartbeat?

The issue is hot-button in Iowa, and Reynolds has not YET said anything about whether or not she’s going to sign the bill. The Iowa legislature passed it Wednesday.

The Hill reports:

“Iowa lawmakers on Wednesday passed the strictest abortion legislation in the U.S., sending the legislation to Gov. Kim Reynolds’ (R) desk.

The legislation, known as the “heartbeat bill,” aims to block abortions once a heartbeat is detected which would essentially ban the procedure for most by the sixth week of pregnancy.

The legislation has faced fierce opposition, with critics saying the measure would make a woman unable to get an abortion before they even know they’re pregnant.

If signed into law, the measure is expected to be legally challenged on whether it goes against past Supreme Court rulings, such as Roe v. Wade, which legalizes the procedure.

Reynolds has not indicated whether she will sign the legislation.”

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