Iraq vet Rep. Zeldin demands Congress force FBI to recover ‘lost’ text messages

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R.-N.Y.) (Photo of the Zeldin campaign Facebook page)

The New York Republican congressman, who served in Iraq as a military intelligence officer for the 82nd Airborne Division in 2006, called for Congress to act forcefully after learning that the Federal Bureau of Investigation claimed that it lost five months of text messages between two senior bureau officials.

“Congress must do everything it can to recover these critical text messages, including subpoenaing Strzok and Page’s cell carriers and requesting the FBI perform a full forensic exam of their employees’ phones in an attempt to recover the messages,” said Rep. Lee Zeldin.

Previously released text messages sent between the two senior FBI officials, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page betrayed their hostility to Donald J. Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, including messages that strongly suggest that the two, who were also lovers, were willing to use the FBI to influence presidential politics.

Cpt. Lee Zeldin poses for a photo during a 2006 deployment to Iraq. Zeldin, now a major in the Army Reserve, is also a congressman for New York. (courtesy photo) (Army photo)

Actions taken by Congress would complement the ongoing investigation by the Justice Department Inspector General of the FBI’s handling of Hillary R. Clinton’s private email server that she used for official and sensitive correspondence as secretary of state.

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