Iraqi Parliament Votes to Expel All American Troops From Iraq

In the wake of an American rocket strike that killed a prominent Iranian Revolutionary Guard general who was operating in the country, the Iraqi parliament has voted to expel all American military personnel from the nation.

American personnel have been arriving in Iraq in wake of heightened tensions with Iran. An Iranian-funded Shia militia attempted to storm the American embassy in Baghdad, an escalation that was met with the assassination of Iranian General Qassim Soleimani.

Iraq’s Parliament voted to disinvite American military forces from the country on Sunday, citing the end of the need for an international coalition to fight ISIS. Many of the American troops currently in the country first deployed in 2016 to assist the troubled nation in defeating the extensive presence of the former terrorist caliphate.

It’s unclear what American foreign policy bigwigs think they’re going to accomplish by keeping American troops in Iraq after the nation’s parliament has made it clear they’re not wanted. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seemed largely dismissive of the declaration during a Fox News Sunday, claiming that it had been orchestrated by an interim Prime Minister who was beholden to the interests of the Iran.

Pompeo claimed that the Iraqi people themselves desired a continuing American military presence in the country, despite the parliament’s vote.

The prompt disinvitation of American troops from Iraq should serve as a purpose to bring home American service members, as opposed to building up an extensive presence in a country where they’re seemingly not wanted and serve as an available target for Iran to escalate a proxy war with Shia militias.

The failed state of Iraq should have to contend with bloodthirsty militias and ISIS remnants on their own. They’re clearly not worthy of the sacrifices made by American soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors for their own defense.


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