Irish Baby Killers: ‘Hoes Need Abortions’

The “pro-choice” crowd in Ireland has been stepping up its fight against the eighth amendment to the country’s constitution, which recognizes the equal right to life of a mother and her unborn child.

The group has a very compelling argument. Apparently, “hoes need abortions.”

Hoes Need Abortions

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The #Repealthe8th (abortion) campaign rally in Ireland rings with the pro-choice argument that "hoes need abortions".At least the 'hoes' in the audience seem to agree.

Posted by Traditional Britain Group on Saturday, March 17, 2018

Traditional Britain Group posted this video of a Repeal the Eighth rally.

The speaker leads the audience in the lewd chant, and the audience gladly indulges her.

The double standard hardly needs to be addressed – anyone else labelling pro-choice women as “hoes” would be lambasted as misogynistic.

Just another day in leftist utopia, where up is down and wrong is right.


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