Irish Elected Official Says NATO is Designed to Subjugate European Nations to US Imperialism 

Mick Wallace, an Irish member of the European Parliament, criticized the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on January 15, 2023.

He proclaimed that NATO is a tool to keep Europe subjugated to US imperialism.  Wallace said politicians “need to start representing the people and stop representing NATO and [the] Military Industrial Complex.” “NATO was formed by [the] US to keep European countries subservient to US Imperialism,” Wallace said on his Twitter account. “The people want Peace not War, they want an end to US / NATO Proxy War.” Wallace has been involved in Irish politics since 2011, when he was first elected to the lower house of the Irish Parliament. 

BLP previously reported on Croatian President Zoran Milanovic proclaiming that the US and NATO were caught in a proxy warfare against Russia in Ukraine, which showcased growing European concerns about the nature of the Russo-Ukrainian War. 

Ireland is not a member of NATO, so it has a degree of independence when it comes to foreign policy. In many respects, the sentiments Wallace expressed are held by millions of Europeans who recognize that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is leading to a diminishment of European living standards, while strengthening the US Deep State’s hold over the Old Continent. 

For those reasons, it would be wise for Europeans to reconsider their blind devotion to NATO and start pursuing an independent foreign policy that actually upholds their countries’ interests.

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