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IRONY: PornHub Celebrates International Women’s Day

PornHub, the most visited pornography website in the world is publicly celebrating International Women’s day.



PornHub, the most visited pornography website in the world is publicly celebrating International Women’s day. They are doing this despite the fact that online porn is directly linked to the epidemic of human trafficking around the world, which disproportionately harms women.

On their home page, which we do not advice visiting, they have placed a feminist symbol in place of the ‘o’ in their logo.

Women across the world are forced into participating in the world-wide sex trade. The rise in popularity of internet pornography has only put fuel on the fire. With PornHub being the 19th most popular website in the United States, there a strong demand for their services.

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While many feminists have stood against porn because of the way it objectified women, a new wave of feminists have begun to embrace pornography as an open expression of their sexuality.

Meanwhile, young males across the world are being heavily effected by their compulsive porn habits. Brainwaves from compulsive porn users show that the effects of pornography addiction is similar to that of addiction to cocaine.

Porn addiction in young males has been seen to lead towards erectile dysfunction, and a loss of motivation to pursue relationships with women. Maybe that is what feminists actually want when they support porn?

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