Irony? Vaccine Mandate Pusher Kamala Harris Slams Laws Denying Bodily Autonomy

Democrats have advocated for the ability to control the medical decisions of others for quite some time now, famously pushing for Covid-19 inoculation mandates in numerous aspects of American life in order to force the experimental gene therapy upon reluctant citizens. It now appears there has been a change of heart in the party ever since the overturning of the landmark United States Supreme court case Roe v. Wade, with leftists around the country once again (albeit reluctantly) touting their famous line, “My Body, My Choice!”

Kamala Harris publicly lamented recent pro-life legislation Friday, arguing that laws dictating what an American can or cannot do with their body are “wrongheaded.” Harris remains a vocal supporter of vaccine mandates.

“This is a moment,” began Harris, “where …  we must stand and say it is wrongheaded and intended to harm when you pass laws that deny a woman a right to make decisions about her body.”

The Vice President then criticized legislation that makes few exceptions for incest or rape.

She said that people “should not have to endure an act of extreme violence and then not have the ability to have agency and autonomy to decide what happens next,” before going on to say that there is a “full-on attack on freedom and liberty in America.”

A recent report revealed that some Democrats are now discouraging usage of the “My Body, My Choice,” slogan, realizing that such messenging could appear hypocritical and ultimately be ineffective given the party’s support for forced vaccination.

“It’s a really savvy co-option of reproductive rights and the movement’s framing of the issue,” explained Lisa Ikemoto, a law professor at the Feminist Research Institute belonging to the University of California, Davis. “It strengthens the meaning of choice in the anti-vaccine space and detracts from the meaning of that word in the reproductive rights space.”

In other related news, the amount of single, childless men seeking vasectomies has skyrocketed ever since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case decision, according to a new report.

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