IRRELEVANT: CNN’s Brian Stelter Loses 1 Million Viewers Since January, Half of Audience

CNN’s Reliable Sources, a disinformation broadcast hosted by Brian Stelter, has lost almost half of its audience since the ascension of Joe Biden to the presidential throne, struggling to stay relevant in a political era where President Trump is no longer present as a liberal lightning rod.

Nielsen ratings for reliable sources reveal a precipitous decline in viewership since the election and Biden’s Inauguration. Stelter’s broadcast on March 8th received 1.164 million media impressions, whereas his show on November 8th of 2020 had more than 2.08 million.

In the first three weeks of January, Stelter pulled in an average of 2.1 million viewers. In the last three weeks, he incurred an average of 1 million. The decline in ratings amounts to 44% in percentage terms, a figure that has placed cable news programs on the chopping block with management before.

Oligarchs with influence over CNN and other mainstream media organizations have refused to hire any personnel able to criticize Joe Biden, with CNN’s existing staff largely partisan Democrats.

Viewership of conservative media networks and websites has declined slightly relative to the period of political intensity during the election and attempts to reverse its outcome, but there’s strong reason to believe that the viewership of establishment liberal media channels has declined much more considerably.

CNN executives are reportedly deeply concerned with the network’s business model, unable to deliver criticism of Biden as President and stripped of the ability to create hysteria over the daily actions of President Trump. The ratings threat to the business model of corporate news networks isn’t limited to CNN, with MSNBC and media companies such as the New York Times facing a decline in readership and subscriptions.

Stelter may soon find himself without a job, with CNN able to sweep ‘non-diverse’ network staff out the door under a pretense of replacing them with “marginalized” cable news employees.

Fake news is quickly losing its sustainability, and at least one major liberal media network may shutter its doors during the Biden presidency.

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