Irresponsible Chicago Mayor Blames Mississippi for Her City’s Violence

Last weekend, five people were killed and 46 others were wounded after a spree of gun violence took place in Chicago per a report from ABC 7. Massive looting transpired in downtown Chicago during the last weekend. Of those injured, 6 were teenagers and another was a 12-year-old boy who is the son of a Chicago firefighter.

Y’all Politics reported on Lightfoot’s appearance in an interview on MSNBC, where she cast the blame on Mississippi for Chicago’s current violence spree.

“Sixty percent of the illegal guns that come into Chicago every year are from out of state, from Indiana, from Mississippi, from other states that have lax gun laws,” she declared.

Y’all Politics reached out to Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves for his take on Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s comments.

“This ridiculous conspiracy theory from the Chicago mayor—that Mississippians are to blame for the violence in her own city—is bizarre and pathetic,” Governor Reeves stated. “No serious person could think that murders are out of control and people are burning police cars in Chicago because of Mississippi’s commitment to the constitution.”

According to a Chicago Tribune report, 107 people were killed in July in Chicago, which is twice the amount from the same month in 2019. “That’s the most homicides the city has seen since in a single month since September of 1992, when 109 were recorded,” the Tribune highlighted. In addition, the report noted “At least 570 people were shot during the month, about 250 more than July of last year…”

As of now, the Tribune reports that 464 people have been killed in Chicago in 2020 – a number that is 135 higher than 2019.  On top of that, over 2,200 people have received gunshot wounds.

Lightfoot called for a federal response to crack down down on “military grade weapons.” She asserted that President Donald Trump “refuses to engage” with gun control.

Mississippi is one of the most pro-gun states in the country due to some of its policies such as Constitutional Carry — the idea that a lawful individual can carry a firearm without having to beg the government for permission to do so. Mississippi is currently ranked in 16th place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun ownership rankings.

That said, even with Mississippi’s lax gun ownership in mind, none of its major cities have witnessed the level of violence or criminality that has afflicted Chicago in recent times.

Thanks to its leftist control, Chicago has built a reputation for being soft on crime. For example, in 2019 Cook County decided to take down its gang database after significant protest from activists that criticized it for being allegedly racist in how it objectively broke down the demographics of gang violence.

It’s clear there’s something more to Chicago’s crime problems than the lack of gun control. Lightfoot is merely distracting from her dereliction as the city’s mayor during a time when she should be doing everything possible the riots and looting.

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