IRS Doled Out Over $1 Billion in Wuhan Virus Relief to Prison Inmates 

According to a Washington Free Beacon report, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) handed out at least $1.3 billion in Wuhan virus stimulus checks to a significant number of prison inmates,

According to the IRS data the Free Beacon was able to obtain, over 1.1 million prisoners received stimulus money. This money was part of the Biden regime’s $1.4 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Of the incarcerated individuals who received stimulus checks, 163,000 of them are serving life sentences. Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon received this information from the IRS in a letter that the Free Beacon was able to obtain.

“Democrats had every opportunity to stop taxpayer dollars from going to convicted criminals,” Mike Palicz, federal affairs manager for Americans for Tax Reform, said to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Instead, Democrats blocked a Republican amendment that would’ve prevented inmates from receiving stimulus payments and sent up to $1,400 checks to more than one million incarcerated criminals.”

The American Rescue Plan was initially signed by Biden back in March 2021 in order to provide economic aid to Americans during the economic upheaval that governments created in response to the outbreak of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Americans making $75,000 or less annually could receive a $1,400 stimulus check under this plan. Additionally, married couples who jointly filed taxes and earned $150,000 or less could receive a $2,800 check.

Republicans were largely against the stimulus package.

They believed that the spending was far too excessive. Republican senators supported an amendment Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy introduced back in March 2021, that would have barred prisoners from receiving stimulus checks. Democrats rejected this amendment.

“Individuals were not denied Economic Impact Payments solely because they were incarcerated,” the IRS claimed on its website’s frequently asked questions section about The American Rescue Plan. The IRS highlighted that inmates may have received stimulus checks if they filed taxes in 2019 and 2020.

In the Clown World state of modern USA, one can only expect the government to reward the dregs of society while Middle America is either ignored or outright attacked.

That’s how things are shaping up in this dysfunctional polity.

In a much saner political climate, only small and medium size business owners, those who keep the economy afloat and provide useful social functions, should have been offered economic restitution for the arbitrary lockdowns.

Unfortunately, such level-headed approaches to politics don’t exist among the current ruling class.

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