Is Boris Johnson about to Betray Brexit by Giving Illegal Immigrants Amnesty?

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson is paving the way for an amnesty for 500,000 illegal immigrants.

Johnson insists that the British government will “look at it”.

The new PM said that he raised the idea of amnesty while serving under Theresa May, but “it did not receive an overwhelming endorsement.”

Johnson cited the Windrush scandal as an example of how difficult it would be to deport people who “may have been living and working here for many, many years without being involved in any criminal activity at all”.

The new PM said, “We should look at it.”

He added, “And the truth is the law already basically allows them an effective amnesty.”

Many conservatives and advocates of sensible immigration policies warned that an amnesty would catalyze an explosion in migration coming across the English Channel in France.

The chairman of the Migration Watch think tank, Alp Mehmet, declared: “The idea of an amnesty for illegal immigrants is a non-starter.”

He added, “Such a scheme will reward people with no right to be here, encourage future illegality and will be costly.”

Mehmet also pointed out that the Windrush scandal comparison is absurd on its face by claiming that “the Windrush debacle which was about a Home Office cock-up that led to people with every right to be in the UK being wrongly targeted.”

He declared that “Windrushers were not illegal immigrants.”

As Mayor of London, Johnson advocated for an “earned amnesty” for approximately 400,000 illegal immigrants.

He said that illegals who had been living in the capital for more than five years could demonstrate their “commitment to this society” and then be granted the right to stay in order to pay their taxes.

Johnson announced this proposal in 2008, stating that it would be preferable if illegal immigrants were “taken and sent back to their place of origin” but also conceding that “it is just not going to happen”.

London has been hit hard by mass migration in recent years.

Should Johnson go through with amnesty, he would betray the millions of Brexit voters who voted “Leave” because of immigration concerns.

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