Is China Harvesting Organs from its Slave Labor Prisoners to Battle Wuhan Virus?

There are growing reports and human rights concerns that China is continuing to illegally harvest organs from its slave labor and Muslim prison populations as a way to combat the Wuhan Virus epidemic which has struck the country.

These concerns stem from a recently announced double lung transplant story out of China.

The story out of China reports that a fifty nine year old patient was diagnosed on January 26th with the virus, on February 24th this patient was given just a few days to live, and on the Febuary 29th a perfectly matching set of donor lungs were found and Dr. Chen Jingyu, Vice President of the Wuxi People’s Hospital in Jiangsu province, and his team performed a five hour double lung replacement operation on the patient, and now the patient tests negative for the virus.

Reports of operation were big news in China and even CGNT the Chinese Propaganda YouTube channel covered the miraculous operation.

But it is the very speed of finding the perfectly matching donor lungs which has set off the alarm for human rights observers.

Ruth Ingram of Bitter Winter, a publication that covers Religious Liberty and Human Rights in China, writes, “Whilst around the world waiting times for a single lung from a suitable donor could be years, China has shown this week that it need only be days, for two perfectly matched lungs to be rustled up.”

Echoing his concern, CJ Werleman of the Bylines Times writes,  “The fact that the patient had to wait a mere five days for a ‘consenting’ donor to provide a perfect matching set of lungs, raises further questions about the scale and scope of the country’s illegal forced organ harvesting programme. There are growing concerns that more than three million Muslims, detained in camps, are being used as a kill-on-demand emergency backstop for Chinese Coronavirus patients.”

China has a multi-decade history of illegally harvesting the organs of people in its slave labor prisons and re-education camps, and although it pledged in 2014 to stop the illegal practice experts suspect that China continues the practice and that prisoners of conscience are the main source of the nearly sixty thousand illegal transplants that are carried out each year.


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