Is Fox News’ Revamped Slogan A Dig At Tucker Carlson?

Post-Tucker Carlson Fox News is trying out a lot of new things in an attempt to salvage its plummeting ratings. 

Newsflash: most of their efforts are not working.

One of the most notable changes the network has made is its primetime lineup. Specifically choosing Fox News host Jesse Watters to take over Carlson’s coveted 8PM primetime slot.

As Big League Politics has reported, a lot of Americans have jumped ship with Carlson to Twitter and Rumble following his departure. 

This doesn’t mean viewers have an issue with the remaining hosts (Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Greg Gutfeld) per se, just that Americans tuned into Fox News primarily for Carlson; he was the money maker.

What some viewers are taking issue with, however, is the network’s new slogan that some are claiming is a dig at Carlson. 

“Standing Up For What’s Right” was the Fox News slogan during the Trump Presidency era

And this has since been changed to “The Right Voices At The Right Time,” which is being viewed by some on the right as “the network’s battle cry as it drags its feet into the post-Carlson era.”

Others, like Carlson’s biographer Chadwick Moore, seem to have the same idea:

Though Moore is not the most unbiased account here, he has been notoriously documenting the network’s reaction towards pro-Carlson guests following the firing controversy.

For example, per Moore, being vocally pro-Carlson is a network no-no.

Viewers have also noticed Fox News’ “’shockingly callous” moves to rid the network of the Tucker Carlson legacy that helped build it.

Even if the new slogan is not a dig at Carlson, viewers are noticing the growing feud between Fox News and Tucker Carlson. The tension is there, even if network execs tell its left viewers the complete opposite.

Fox News is flopping with every move it makes, while Carlson seems to be embarking on an upward trajectory that has no signs of slowing down. 

Carlson is the right voice at the right time.

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