Is Israel trying to Draw the US Into a War In Lebanon?

On March 4, 2024, during a trip to Beirut, senior White House Advisor Amos Hochstein revealed that a truce in the Gaza Strip will “not necessarily” apply to Lebanon.

“An escalation will not help the Lebanese or the Israelis return to their homes,” Hochstein said on March 4 after a meeting with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

“The United States is committed to working with the government of Lebanon to end the violence that began on October 8. It is working in order to reach a truce in the Gaza Strip and release the hostages.”

Hochstein continued by noting that “any truce in Gaza will not necessarily extend automatically to Lebanon” and said the United States government is “working with international partners to secure a peaceful solution in Lebanon.”

“A diplomatic solution is the only solution to … the situation on the Lebanese and Israeli borders,” he emphasized. 

Since the beginning  of February, American and French authorities have been promoting a de-escalation proposal with respect to Lebanon. The main goal of this Western countries is to have militant group Hezbollah withdraw from the border region between Lebanon and Twitter

The US and France have been pushing a de-escalation proposal on Lebanon since the start of February. The leading demand of the western initiative is an extensive withdrawal of Hezbollah from the border region. 

Hezbollah has promised that it will not stop launching attacks attacking Israeli sites until the Gaza conflict is wrapped up. 

After laying an egg against Hezbollah in 2006, Israel is itching for revenge. 

With the rise of Iran and the current geopolitical quagmire that Israel finds itself in Gaza, Israel will likely use this moment to justify an attack against Hezbollah in Lebanon. 

Israel can go ahead and launch this attack. However, the US should not participate nor should it subsidize or greenlight such a controversial geopolitical act.

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