Is John Cornyn Negotiating a Backdoor Amnesty?

It’s naive to think that a politician with an “R” beside their name will automatically act in a manner that is in harmony with the interests of Middle Americans. 

On the immigration question, Republicans cannot be fully trusted to stand up for American workers. Texas Senator John Cornyn’s recent behavior demonstrates this.

In a recent report, Breitbart News’ John Binder uncovered one of Cornyn’s latest attempts to move amnesty forward. Binder claims that the Texas senator has been conducting backdoor negotiations with Democrats in the Senate to pass an amnesty for potentially millions of illegal aliens.

Cornyn told PunchBowl News that he is still ironing out the details of an amnesty plan with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. Under this plan, millions of illegal aliens who are eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), who have received Temporary Protected Status, and those involved in agricultural work could receive green cards and American citizenship further down the line.

“Right now, there’s a proposal to deal with DACA, a bipartisan border solutions bill, if there’s a deal to be had on farmworkers, and TPS recipients,” Cornyn said to PunchBowl News. “I’m not sure where TPS figures in all this. But that’s the current proposal, so we’ll see if we can agree on some parameters for those three things: DACA [illegal aliens], [illegal alien] farmworkers, and the [southern] border.”

“I’ve agreed to focus on those three things and see if we can come up with some parameters that would make sense and that I can support,” Cornyn stated.

Binder noted that while Cornyn crafts his amnesty deal, Senate Democrats are trying to pass an amnesty of their own:

While Cornyn negotiates an amnesty deal, many Senate Democrats are seeking to slip an amnesty past Congress through a little-known “reconciliation” maneuver. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is crafting a proposal that would include forcing American taxpayers to spend $150 billion on providing amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Cornyn has been on an pro-amnesty kick in the past few months, indicating a shift in his views, which used to be more anti-illegal immigration in the past. Cornyn does represent Texas, a pro-business state where the Chamber of Commerce dominates. Cheap labor is a major reason many of these special interest groups push for mass migration, and they generally lean on politicians like Cornyn to do their bidding.

Any rosy comments coming from Cornyn and other migration boosters should be taken with a grain of salt. As the late economist Walter E Williams observed, “Do-gooders fail to realize that most good is not done in the name of good but done in the name of self-interest.”

Bringing in millions of migrants to the US is not an act of love, but rather a cynical ploy to import cheap labor (in the case of Cornyn and other pro-business Republicans) and acquire cheap votes (for Democrats’ benefit).

Cornyn is safely in office but he can still be compelled to change his pro-amnesty behavior through grassroots pressure. The Right should quickly learn that punishing bad behavior is the best way to get squishy Republicans in line. Allowing them to continue to behave badly encourages further sell-outs down the line.

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