Is Kansas Senate Candidate Roger Marshall Trying to Keep Part of his Past Under Wraps?

Conservative journalist Ryan Girdusky tweeted on June 21, 2020, “Kansas Senate candidate Roger Marshall was arrested for reckless driving in 2008. He tried to run over someone w/ his truck.The county prosecutor got the sentenced reduced to a slap on the wrist. Turns out the prosecutor was his business partners’ son.”

Girdusky cited a story published on The Wichita Eagle, which detailed Marshall’s reckless driving incident.

According to court documents from Christmas Eve in 2008, Assistant Barton County Attorney Carey Fleske came before a district court judge and made a simple request: expunge Marshall’s conviction that he received in the fall for reckless driving and replace it with a lesser offense.

As The Wichita Eagle article noted, “The judge agreed, turning a suspended jail sentence for the future Kansas Congressman and Republican U.S. Senate candidate into a slap on the wrist.”

In addition, the article pointed out that “Fleske was more than a prosecutor. He was also the son of Marshall’s business partner and neighbor.”

Marshall originally received charges for reckless driving and battery following a May 2008 incident where he allegedly hit a Great Bend resident with his truck. The issue was settled through a civil lawsuit outside of court. Mashall insists that he did not hit the man.

The incident came up again during Marshall’s 2016 campaign for Congress, when Representative Tim Huelskamp dropped an ad featuring audio of the 911 phone call. Marshall’s connection to the prosecutor was never covered during that case. After a number of stories dropped, the incident ended up falling out of the spotlight and Marshall proceeded to win the western Kansas seat.

Four years later, Marshall is running for an even more prestigious seat.

His campaign has still offered vague explanations about the reduction in charges or Marshall’s connection to the prosecutor.

Marshall is one of America First candidate Kris Kobach’s primary rivals for Kansas’s vacant Senate seat.

Because of Kobach’s staunch immigration patriotism, the political establishment will do everything it can to downplay Marshall’s questionable past and try to attack Marshall as much as possible;

The rest of this case can be read here.

Several documents related to this case can be viewed below