Is Nikki Haley Planning to Steal the GOP Convention From Trump with a Brokered Convention?

President Donald Trump’s sentencing is scheduled to happen just days before the Republican National Convention (RNC) in July. Republican insiders are allegedly deploying “sleeper delegates” who will swing into action and send the convention into chaos, using Trump’s conviction as the excuse to cause mayhem on the convention floor.

While the mainstream media floats conspiracy theories about Republican delegate opposition coming from right-wing activists, the real opposition is coming from Nikki Haley supporters who are plotting a brokered convention to oust Trump and put the former Boeing executive as the Republican presidential nominee.

The case for Haley is already being made using dubious polls to show that the recent felony conviction makes Trump more vulnerable in a general election, although newer polling has shown that the court proceedings were so biased that gains by Biden have been minimal at best.

Nikki Haley’s own brother, Mitty Randhawa, gave away the sinister plot oust Trump and replace him with Nikki Haley at the RNC in a public Twitter post, highlighted by journalist Laura Loomer:

When Loomer investigated the matter, Randhawa appeared to confirm the existence of a conspiracy and bragged about it while communicating with Loomer on the X platform.

Loomer stated that “Nikki Haley’s campaign has signed off on this messaging from her brother about disrupting support for President Trump at the RNC Convention in July.”

“A coalition of GOP delegates are planning an anti-Trump coup in support of [Nikki Haley] at the upcoming Milwaukee, Wisconsin RNC Convention. If you know of a delegate in your state who is doing this, let me know and we will make them famous,” Loomer said about the budding conspiracy to create a brokered convention, adding that “the delegate slates are a MESS!”

Loomer later commented, following Haley’s lackluster endorsement of Trump for President, that it “seems like Nikki Haley is trying to strong arm her way into being VP.”

“Her donors are trying to use the upcoming RNC convention as a FORCING FUNCTION to get her selected as VP, and to ultimately make her the Dick Cheney in heels of Donald Trump’s second term,” Loomer said.

“She needs to endorse Trump publicly and commit to not being VP and commit ahead of the convention to not using the convention as a brokering tool to get on the Trump ticket,” she added.

Do not believe the fake news that there is a revolt brewing against Trump on the Right. If there is a threat to Trump at the RNC next month, it will be coming from neoconservative Nikki Haley supporters.

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