Is Tom Cotton Preparing for a 2024 Presidential Run?

According to a report by POLITICO, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton gathered with several donors on the morning of June 21, 2022 to talk about a potential 2024 presidential run. 

The Arkansas senator even said that if former President Donald Trump ran for re-election he would still participate in the 2024 Republican primary for the presidency.   

This meeting took place at the Hay-Adams hotel in Washington, DC. Two attendees detailed what allegedly happened at this gathering. Cotton is apparently prepared to launch a presidential campaign and laid out the work he has done to build the infrastructure for this nationwide enterprise. 

Cotton stated that he would make a final decision on his prospective presidential run after the 2022 midterms. 

At this meeting, Brian Colas, Cotton’s chief political adviser, gave a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation. In that presentation, Colas mentioned how Cotton and his strategy team had studied dozens of previous Republican presidential campaigns. 

Cotton eventually spoke and made the case that he has wide appeal among the populist and establishment wings of the party.  

His team claims that the Arkansas Senator is on strong financial footing pointing to the Cotton’s Senate campaign committee having $8 million on hand that could be shifted towards a presidential campaign. 

Cotton is a super hawk of the highest order. He has taken hardline stances on confronting countries such as China, Iran, and Russia. While he has reasonable views on stopping mass migration, Cotton’s foreign policy views are concerning. In fact, this makes him susceptible to being arm-twisted by interest groups who desire perpetual wars at the expense of key issues such as law & order and protecting the Historical American Nation. 

Donald Trump is still the most practical choice for any America First nationalist who desires a restrained foreign policy and wants to preserve this nation from threats both domestic and foreign. 

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