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ISIS Terrorists Who Kidnapped, Raped and Murdered Will Be Set Free for ‘Joining Peace Process’



After weeks of fighting, two senior commanders and around 150 ISIS fighters have given themselves up after they were driven from strongholds in Jawzjan, Afghanistan by the Taliban, according to Express UK.

In the districts of Qush Tepa and Darzab, thousands of civilians have fled the area, many who accused Islamic State fighters of horrible atrocities. Some have given detailed accounts of young girls and women being kidnapped from their families, raped and some even murdered.

The spokesman for Jawajan provincial governor, however, said encouraging militant fighters to surrender would likely mean they wouldn’t face charges.

“Any adversary of the government that joins the peace process has to be given amnesty because if they are taken before the judges, other adversaries who have reached an agreement with the government will go cold on it,” the spokesman, Mohammad Reza Ghafouri said.

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“There is an amnesty for the Daesh group that surrendered in Darzab district,” said Ghafouri.

“The group will not be presented to legal and judicial authorities because they are taking part in the peace process,” he added, saying that those who complaints about individual Islamic State members could take the matter up with the court system.

According to government officials, this was the first large scale surrender of Islamic State fighters at one time. Several relatives of the fighters handed themselves over to Afghan authorities, including their wives and children.

Peace talks between the Western-backed government in Kabul and the Taliban have faced constant building pressure. ISIS reportedly has no interest in joining the talks.

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