ISIS’s Media Foundation Threatens NYC Subway, 2018 World Cup

Graphic new propaganda posters show “lone-wolf” ISIS attackers targeting a subway station in New York City, and the World Cup, which will take place in Russia this summer.

“You will not expect where we attack,” says a poster from ISIS’s Wafa Media Foundation.

In graphic detail, it depicts a jihadist walking away from bundled sticks of dynamite and timer placed in New York’s High Street & Brooklyn Bridge subway station.

The group is placing new emphasis on “lone-wolf” attacks, as President Donald J. Trump has targeted and destroyed ISIS’s strongholds in the Middle East, severely limiting the group’s ability to organize.

A second poster recently released by Wafa shows a jihadist with an AK-47 emerging from an explosion in a soccer stadium.

“Putin, you disbeliever,” the poster says. “You will pay the price for killing Muslims.”

Wafa is likely referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has focused on driving ISIS out of Syria.

The new threats emerge just months after Wafa reminded Americans of last October’s attack in Las Vegas, for which the American public still is unaware of a motive.

“The disbeliever west will see our power through the jihad of sincere people and the sacrifice of monotheists,” the poster, released in January, says. “We will be generous in shedding your dirty blood unless you embrace Islam or give the jizyah. However, the Las Vegas massacre is not far from you.”

ISIS had threatened Las Vegas prior to last October’s attack, and took credit for the attack several times. In the absence of a real explanation from authorities regarding Stephen Paddock’s sudden rampage, many have speculated that ISIS was involved.

Though ISIS has nearly been destroyed in the Middle East, the possibility of attacks by solo jihadists is in the West is still a distinct possibility.

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