Islamists are Committing Genocide Against Christians in Nigeria, and the World is Silent

There is a religious war taking place throughout the world as Islamists continue to force infidels into submission and slaughter them in an attempt to further spread and expand the caliphate.

In Nigeria, nearly 1,900 innocent Christians have been killed by Muslims since the beginning of 2018. Halfway through July, and 120 Christians have been killed, bringing the total number of Christians who have been murdered by Islamic terror groups like Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria to 8,920, a conflict that has continued to escalate since 2013.

Attacks against Christian communities in Nigeria have worsened over the past few months, with Muslim militants ravaging communities and raping, torturing, and kidnapping children and young women.

While the attacks against Christians in Nigeria are clearly religiously motivated and carried out by Muslims, the government in Nigeria is reluctant to admit that Islamists are committing genocide against Christians, and have instead chosen to declare the violence as a form of economic war between Fulani herdsmen and Christian farmers.

In Nigeria, the Fulani herdsmen are a pastoral group made up of a Muslim majority. Armed Fulani herdsmen have been conducting night raids on the homes and villages of Christian farmers on a daily basis, and despite the massive amount of bloodshed, the government in Nigeria has done little to aid the Christian farmers.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, himself an ethnic Fulani and Muslim, has been accused of failing to address the violence against Christians. Although stating that he would work to prevent further violence, not much has changed and Christians have continued to be slaughtered by Muslims as a rapidly growing pace in Nigeria.

The violence against Christians in Nigeria by Muslims is yet another example of the religious persecution of Christians that has been taking place around the world for nearly 2,000 years. The plight of the Christians living in Nigeria has fallen deaf on the ears of many around the world who have failed to recognize that it is the Islamists, not the Christians and Jews who are carrying out acts of violence in the name of religion to conquer land and multiply their global presence.

Western civilizations have a moral duty and obligation to recognize the genocide of Christians that is currently brewing in Nigeria where Christians are dependent on a Muslim president who has an allegiance to the Islamic Fulani and a personal benefit in denying the religious element of the violence that is taking place on a daily basis against Christian farmers in Nigeria.

WATCH Christian Leaders in Nigeria call on President Muhammadu Buhari to put a stop to the killings:

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