Israel Calls on the Biden Regime to Give Saudi Arabia Laser-Based Air Defense System to Combat Iran

According to a report on Israel media, Israel is calling on United States President Joe Biden to supply Arab countries with an Israeli laser-based air defense system. These countries are part of a de facto balancing coalition against Iran.

Channel 12 reported that the Iron Beam system would be sent to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

Deborah Brand of Breitbart News noted that “The report confirms earlier statements by Biden administration officials who said that the president’s upcoming visit to the region would include talks on “‘new innovations between our countries that use laser technologies to defeat missiles and other airborne threats.’”

Per a Wall Street Journal report released on June 26, 2022, there was a secret meeting organized by the United States that involved Israel and various Arab countries, which included Qatar and Saudi Arabia, that took place earlier in 2022 in Sharm el Sheikh. The goal of this meeting was to create a regional alliance to confront Iran’s growing power in the region. What worries the Israeli-Arab coalition is Iran’s drone and missile threat. 

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz appeared to hint at increased defense cooperation among this coalition.

“We are building our broad partnership with more countries in the region to ensure a secure, stable and prosperous Middle East. Among other things, this also includes aerial defense,” Gantz said on June 27.

In addition, Gantz mentioned about “breakthrough in our ability to act against Iranian aggression in the region” during Biden’s Middle East trip. 

Bland explained what Iron Beam system does: 

The laser-powered Iron Beam system, which has already been successful in tests at intercepting missiles, drones, mortars, and anti-tank rockets, will reduce air defense costs significantly because it will mean Israel will rely less on the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett praised the Iron Beam system and described it as “game-changing”. He said it would “bankrupt” the Jewish state’s enemies. 

“Until today, it cost us a lot of money to intercept each rocket. Today they [the enemy] can invest tens of thousands of dollars in a rocket and we will invest $2 on the electricity for intercepting that rocket,” Bennett declared in a video.

“This is a game changer because not only can we strike the enemy militarily, but also financially bankrupt them,” Bennett added.

From the looks of it, the US is playing a significant role in building a balancing coalition against Iran by cobbling together several Arab countries and Israel to confront it. 

It’s fine if Arab countries and Israel want to pact together to balance against Iran or other would be hegemons like Turkey in the Middle East. However, the US should play no role in trying to egg this on. 

In all likelihood, the US will add further fuel to the fire and potentially kick off a major conflict. All things considered, the US should turn to restraint in this instance. 

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