Israel Continues Threatening Syria Over Hezbollah’s Presence in the Country

According to a report by The Cradle, Israeli carries have dropped multiple leaflets in the Quneitra and Deraa governorates – both located in southern Syria — that warned the Syrian Arab Army about Israel’s willingness to attack specific positions in Syria that are allegedly used to shelter members of Lebanese political party and militant group Hezbollah. 

Per official reports, the leaflet stated: “We will not accept the continued presence of Hezbollah at the Tel Al-Hara military base, and the continuation of cooperation in any way…Hezbollah continues to extend its arms in the region, and its presence brings disaster and destruction…You will be the first to be harmed.”

The Cradle report noted that “The Tel Al-Hara military base is located on the highest elevation point of the Deraa governorate.” The base was used for strategic positioning to keep tabs on the vast areas of the Golan Heights.

Initially, opposition forces such as the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the military base a few years after the Syrian Civil War kicked off in 2011. 

The SAA took back the base in 2018. Since then, Israel has used the Golan Heights, a strategic position that it currently occupies, to launch attacks against pro-Assad militias and Hezbollah fighters.

The Israeli military recently launched artillery attacks on southern Lebanon from the Golan Heights, which was initially declared to be a part of a military exercise.

A few weeks after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Syria and Turkey in January, Israel carried out air strikes against Damascus, which resulted in the deaths of five civilians and five others injured. Israel was condemned for these attacks. Most prominent among its critics was Syria’s foreign ministry, which called for “international action” to halt further attacks on Syrian soil.

Earlier in January, an Israeli military official, under the condition of anonymity, said to  Saudi Arabia’s Elaph newspaper that Israel will not hesitate to launch attacks against Iranian aid deliveries to Syria. It justified this action on the grounds Iran is aiming to “take advantage of the tragic situation … to send weapons and equipment to Hezbollah.”

Israel is one of the US’s most intimate allies. Truth be told, this alliance is a major burden. The Middle East is no longer strategically important for US interests. On top of that, the US has dumped billions of dollars in military aid into Israel despite the fact that it’s turned into a developed, First World country. 

Israel views Iran as its primary foe, which is why it wants to get involved in Syria due to Iran’s proxy militant groups beginning to gain a foothold in the country. However, this is none of the US’s concern. Iran does not pose an existential threat to the US. However, the US’s open borders regime does constitute an existential threat to the Historic American Nation. If there’s any foreign policy priority that the US needs to get sorted out is securing its border. 

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