Israel Shatters Records for Daily COVID-19 Case Totals Even with Vaccine Compliance Among World Leaders

The state of Israel recently shattered their record for COVID-19 case totals while being among the world leaders in vaccine compliance among their population.

Israel registered an incredible 11,000 cases that were reported on Monday. As of right now, there are only 719 serious cases that have been registered in Israel, but that number is expected to majorly rise in the upcoming weeks.

“I expect that morbidity will rise further, but I hope it will not be a new outbreak,” Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash said to Channel 12.

As a result of the vaccine failure, there will be more punishing restrictions against those who have yet to submit to the ineffective jab. Under the incredibly Orwellian “Coronavirus Traffic Light System,” physical classes for schoolchildren in grades 7 through 12 will be cancelled until an over 70 percent compliance rate with the vaccine is reached.

Big League Politics has reported on how hospitals are scrambling to get the resources to deal with the flood of patients that will be forthcoming because of the vaccine failure:

Israeli public health experts are expecting thousands of seriously-ill COVID-19 patients to fill their hospitals within a month, despite (or perhaps because of) the nation’s high compliance rates.

The health officials warned Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that roughly 4,800 people will need to be hospitalized with serious cases of COVID-19 by September 10. As the vaccines have been injected into unsuspecting Israelis, the daily caseload has gone from a few dozen per day to over 6,000.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz has announced an increase in health care spending that will enlist an additional 100 doctors, 500 nurses, 200 support staff to give the COVID patients the care they need as the vaccine regime fails them. 

Of course, health experts refuse to admit the failure of the vaccine and are instead discussing punishing the unvaccinated for the lack of efficacy of their shots by expanding their vaccine passport system, called the Green Pass, to only allow the vaccinated to participate in public life...

The public health experts will never come clean that their vaccines do not work. They will come up with new mandates and push more shots rather than take accountability for their crimes. The alleged pandemic may be the cruelest scam perpetrated on mankind in history.”

The vaccine regime is clearly backfiring, but no government leaders want to blame Big Pharma for his public health disaster. It will only get worse with hundreds of millions of people enraptured by the mass hysteria propaganda.

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