Italian Doctor Accused of Killing Hospital Patients to Free Up Space in COVID Ward

An Italian doctor has been accused of killing two patients back in March of last year, Italy’s worst month of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to free up space in his hospital’s overwhelmed COVID ward.

Carlo Mosca allegedly administered lethal doses of anesthetics to two men, 61-year-old Natale Bassi and 80-year-old Angelo Paletti. He is also suspected in the deaths of three other individuals, according to The Sun.

Mosca has been placed under house arrest and is denying the accusations against him.

Police were tipped off with the following statement: “You need to check out Dr. Mosca. He’s mad. He’s killing patients to free up beds.” Nurses at the hospital had also texted each other about Mosca’s behavior:

“Did he ask you to administer the drugs without intubating them?”

“I’m not killing patients just because he wants to free up the beds.”

“This is crazy.”

Prosecutors argue that the two patients allegedly killed were never intubated and that Mosca thus had no reason to use anesthetics on them. The hospital only used anesthetics on COVID patients prior to intubating them, according to legal documents.

And when Mosca found out he was under investigation, he ostensibly asked nurses “to agree on a convenient version of the story” in order to cover up his alleged crimes.

Italy’s new COVID-19 cases and deaths have dropped by nearly half since mid-November of 2020, the peak of their second wave. Back in March and April they made global headlines for their tremendously overwhelmed hospitals in certain regions and for becoming the first country to institute a nationwide lockdown.

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