Italian Far-Right Party Leads in the Polls with National Elections Expected in September

The Italian far-right party, the Brothers of Italy, is leading in the polls heading into September’s national elections.

“The period we are going through does not allow for any pause in the [government] action which is needed to counter the economic and social crisis and rising inflation,” said Italian president Sergio Mattarella.

Mario Draghi recently resigned as prime minister, which has sparked the need for the national election. The Brothers of Italy are gaining as the ruling coalition crumbles as the economy goes down the tubes.

The Brothers of Italy, which is led by Giorgia Meloni, is leading the polls at 24 percent. The Democratic Party has 22 percent, and the League has 14 percent. The League is run by Matteo Salvini and is also considered a far-right party. 

“No more excuses,” Meloni tweeted about her party’s rise to power.

Although Meloni and Salvini have feuded and had differences in opinion, they are expected to come together and form a center-right coalition after the September national election.

Big League Politics has reported on the ebbing and flowing momentum from the Italian right-wing populist movement throughout recent years:

The leader of Italy’s League Party, Matteo Salvini, was recently ousted from his position as the nation’s Interior Minister after the Five Star Movement betrayed him and allied with the globalist establishment last month.

But the anti-migrant, pro-nationalist leader is down but not out. A massive rally was held in Salvini’s honor on Sunday where he vowed that he “will never give up” on his fight against European Union (EU) globalists.

Salvini told the “traitors” in the new government that he would come for his rightful spot at he helm of the nation the before long.

“Those who thought that I would be worn out and need a break, I give my word of honor, I will work even more than before,” he told the audience.

“I won’t give up because our country deserves everything. I’d rather concede seven ministry posts to traitors now, that we will win back with interest and transparency in a few months,” Salvini added.

The League estimated that 80,000 supporters rallied on behalf of their leader in Pontida, which has significance to the nationalist League Party because it was the site where medieval leaders took a legendary oath to repel a foreign emperor.

Salvini’s supporters were emboldened by the rally where their leader called for a peaceful and democratic revolution in Italy against the coup attempt that drove him from power.

“I like Salvini because he is the only one that fights the idea of a European Union, which I do not support, because I believe the European bureaucrats do not do Italy any good,” said Luca Carminati, a laborer fears his job will be lost due to massive taxation and regulation imposed by globalist bureaucrats.”

Italy has the chance to change the guard and crush the leftist threat to renew their nation. This can inspire other countries throughout the West to rise in similar fashion.

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