Italian Foreign Minister Does Not Believe Peace Talks on Ukraine Will Happen Anytime Soon

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani believes that none of the favorable conditions for holding peace talks on Ukraine have yet to be achieved. 

“We are working to make room for dialogue. Let’s be honest: at this stage, conditions for talks are far from being favorable,” the ANSA news agency quoted Tajani as stating. “The government of Italy supports Ukraine in order to create conditions for talks, paving the way to a universal, just and sustainable peace. We support [Ukrainian President] Vladimir Zelensky’s peace formula.”

“I strongly call upon China to play a constructive role to bring this conflict to an end,” Tajani added. “We are also following the Holy See’s peace effort with great attention.” While Italy saw a right-wing populist wave sweep across its political scene in 2022, its current government has disappointed on foreign affairs as it has lent its support to the same military aid policies that have prolonged this conflict indefinitely. 

On July 7, 2023, Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia is very pessimistic about the prospects for negotiations with the Ukrainian government at this juncture. 

Indeed, there’s no reason for anyone to believe that peace talks between Russia and Ukraine will happen anytime soon. After all, the foreign policy elites of the Collective West are totally enthralled by neoconservative/neoliberal foreign policy ideology. As a result, one can only expect that this conflict will go on indefinitely much to the detriment of the Ukrainian people. 

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