Italy Deports Over 1,500 Illegals, Bulldozes Refugee Camp

Matteo Salvini, the Italian Interior minister, is not playing around.

Salvini has just deported over 1,500 migrants from a refugee camp in Reggio. The populist leader then had it bulldozed.

In the past week, Italian police rounded up 1,592 migrants from the camp before flattening it.

Italian citizens have become fed up with these migrants, especially in light of a series of incidents that resulted in three deaths. Minister of the Interior Salvini asserted that these migrants “preferred to stay in the shanty towns, just abuse, and illegality”, instead of accepting housing. Salvini, said the demolition of the migrant camp “finally erased one of the most shameful slums in Italy, where degradation, lawlessness, and exploitation proliferated.”

Since Salvini assumed the position of Minister of the Interior in 2018, Italy’s migration policies have taken a sharp deviation from the EU standard. Mediterranean route numbers have dropped from 118,962 in 2017 to 23,276 in 2018 thanks to Salvini’s immigration measures.

This is a stark contrast with countries like France and the United Kingdom, who have kicked the can down the road on immigration. Due to these countries’ lack of initiative on the issue, they are now witnessing the decay of neighborhoods and unprecedented increases in crime.

Salvini’s policies are expected to be rewarded by the voters once the European Parliament elections arrive in May, as his party Lega is expected to become one of the largest parties in the EU parliament.

In an EU bogged down by globalism, Salvini has become a voice of reason on the issue of immigration.








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