Italy: Large Protests Break Out Against Vaccine Passports

Italians on Saturday flooded various streets of Trieste and other major cities in Italy to protest the country’s new COVID passport and vaccine mandates.

The protests primarily revolve around Italy’s new ‘Green Pass’ rule, which now requires Italian citizens to acquire a European Union certified vaccine passport. Without the documentation, citizens are virtually banned from polite society. Unable to go to stores, dine at restaurants, or even receive payment from any type of job, an Italian without a vaccine passport is instantly turned into a societal outcast.

Various accounts have taken to social media to share videos of the protests.

“Protests in Trieste, Italy against poke passports, which will become compulsory Oct. 15,” reads a post on Twitter by @DamnedHistory.

#Trieste PROTESTS ALL OVER #ITALY AGAINST #VACCINEPASSPORTS #NoVaccinePassports #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere,” reads another post.

Republic World reported that Italy’s prime minister Mario Draghi announced last month that the government’s extension of the ‘Green Pass’ passport scheme will take effect starting October 15th.

Prior to Thursday’s Cabinet meeting, said on state radio: “We are heading towards a mandatory Green Pass not only for public sector workers but also private sector ones,” Italian regional affairs minister Mariastella Gelmini said on state radio.“The vaccine is the only weapon we have against COVID and we can only contain infection by vaccinating a great majority of the population.”

Despite Gelmini’s claims of a need for a great majority of the citizens to get shots, the vast majority of the Italian adult population had already had the shot at the time of his statement.

Some reports have claimed that there are workers in Italy threatening to block shipping ports should they be forced into the Green Pass system, which may make sense as forced vaccination mandates & other draconian protocols across the world recently have threatened a ‘system collapse’ in the global supply chain. With many workers in Italy and many other parts of the world seemingly reaching their breaking point, unrest may soon follow both in the supply chain and elsewhere.

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