Italy Promises to Stop Sending Arms to Ukraine When Peace Talks Start

Guido Crosetto, the defense minister of Italy, told the Italian parliament in a briefing that Italy will continue sending military aid to Ukraine until peace talks are initiated 

These statements came following Italian lawmakers’ decision to vote to extend military aid to Ukraine through 2023. 

While Meloni had repeatedly promised to maintain the flow of military aid to Ukraine, factions of the right-wing coalition that constitutes her government have grown skeptical of continuing the military aid flow to Ukraine. This coalition is composed of her own Brothers of Italy Party, Matteo Salvini’s League Party, and the conservative Forza Italia. 

Based on the statements from Crosetto and the growing voices of dissent on the Italian Right, Italy is starting to become the most prominent country that is getting cold feet about continuing the conflict with Ukraine. 

NATO’s most influential countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom have been the principal opponents of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. They cited Ukraine’s seemingly successful counteroffensives in Kharkov and Kherson as reasons why the Ukrainians should continue fighting. 

“Italian arms supplies will stop as soon as peace talks begin, the Italian defense minister told parliament, as lawmakers endorsed a government decision to extend military aid throughout 2023,” per reports from the briefing.

“I am aware that military aid will have to end sooner or later, and will end when we will have the peace talks that we are all hoping for,” Crosetto informed Italian senators.

“There is no doubt that we all want peace, but this goal cannot be pursued without providing assistance to a country facing unilateral aggression in violation of international law,” Crosetto added.

Italy may be the most prominent country in Europe to stand up in opposition to the continued proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. As Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge noted, French President Emmanual Macron is another leader who has expressed pro-peace talk sentiments. 

It’s anyone’s guess how the Russo-Ukrainian conflict will unfold. It’s become abundantly clear that the Anglo-American establishment wants to continue this conflict for as long as possible. After all, it aligns with its geopolitical strategy of divide and rule, most notably, the detachment of Russia from the European system. 

On the other hand, Europe benefits more from recalibrated relations with Russia. It not only helps Europe in terms of energy supplies, but it’s also a strong opponent of radical Islam. Italy faces no real threat from Russia, so it’s natural that it will not try to pursue conflict with it. 


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