It’s 2018, Obviously Kanye Watches Jordan Peterson Videos

In recent days, Kanye West has made headlines for Tweeting in support of a number of conservatives, and for becoming extremely vocal of his love for President Donald Trump.

Early on Thursday, he posted a video of his laptop screen playing a TMZ video of him rapping in a “Make America Great Again” hat. In the video, if you look closely, you will see that in another tab of his laptop he is watching a video from Canadian psychologist and free speech hero, Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Dr. Peterson is most known for his stand against compulsory pronoun use, and created a major stir after becoming vocal about it while teaching at the University of Toronto. Since then, he has used the platform he has gained in order to promote good habits in young people.

He released a new book, titled “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” which has been a consistent number one best seller and currently #1 on Amazon’s “Most Read” list for 2018.

While most of what Peterson talks about isn’t controversial, the left has made him into a major enemy. As someone who is in vocal opposition to cultural Marxism, they have labeled him as a racist, sexist, homophobe, while in reality, he is none of those things.

If Kanye West was to speak out in support of Dr. Peterson, it would be huge. Jordan Peterson is encouraging people, mostly young men, to sort their lives out. The radical left is so set on “fighting the patriarchy” that his words are dangerous to them because they largely do appeal to young men.

Here’s the video Kanye was watching, we recommend cleaning your room then taking a look:

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