‘It’s A Wonderful Nation’ In Republicans for National Renewal’s America

A photo including Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, Arizona state senate member Wendy Rogers, and Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters.

PHOENIX, A.Z. – Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest was not the only event targeted to freedom-loving American Patriots this past month, with another organization called Republicans for National Renewal hosting a Christmas-themed reception dubbed ‘It’s a Wonderful Nation,’ on December 19, 2021.

“Like all of our previous events, ‘It’s a Wonderful Nation’ exceeded our expectations,” said Mark Ivanyo, the Executive Director of Republicans for National Renewal in an exclusive statement to Big League Politics.

“It was our great pleasure to have every Trump endorsed candidate out of Arizona as a guest speaker, and it was my distinct honor and privilege to have presented RNR’s America First Patriot award to Congressman Paul Gosar.”

The event drew enthusiasm from numerous American patriots, quickly selling out as the date approached. Featured speakers and guests included Arizona senate candidate Blake Masters, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, Arizona state senate member Wendy Rogers the aforementioned Arizona congressman Paul Gosar, and many more.

A sponsor of the event was the American Populist Union group, which had their co-founder Vince Dao share a few words in favor of the America First movement.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and American Populist Union co-founder Vince Dao

“We are still a movement defined by a simple slogan: America First,” Dao passionately exclaimed before making a point about how he believes the GOP should exercise political power moving forward. “Let us also say that America First isn’t JUST about cutting foreign aid, taking manufacturing out of China, or ending wars in the Middle East. Being America First necessarily means being against every major institution in THIS country that seeks to destroy the American people. That means being against the banks and major corporations in our country who censor conservatives online, sell sexual propaganda to your children, and import millions of cheap laborers from foreign countries every year to destroy the life of the American working man.”

Dao continued, expressing sentiment against Republicans who seem to have priorities that go beyond the nation they swore to protect.

“Most of all, being America First means being against the neocons in the conservative establishment, who for decades have stood idly by and often helped as our enemies marched through the institutions, hollowed out our country, and tore down our heritage. Unlike them, our loyalty isn’t to the military industrial complex, or a foreign nation, or a corporation, or even so-called ‘free market capitalism.’ Our loyalty is to the American people and what makes life best for them, and is a stable, moral, and traditional society. So we are here to say that we will stand for God, we will stand for families, we will stand for tradition, and we will put America First.”

Reactions to the event were largely positive, with numerous attendees expressing excitement for what is to come.

“I am pleased we were able to bring together so many people with the same core values of placing America and its citizens first,” RNR Executive Director Ivanyo concluded. “Compliments have continued to pour in from attendees and guest speakers following the event, and I look forward to seeing many more familiar faces at our next event.”

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