iTunes Flags Pro-Trump Deplorable Choir Song As EXPLICIT … For Being Too Patriotic?

iTunes, which is owned by Big Tech mega-giant Apple has flagged a patriotic song from the Deplorable Choir “explicit.” The song, titled “American Made” contains no profanity, but the lyrics are extremely patriotic and pro-Trump.

The E next to the song name designates it as explicit.

With the song listed as explicit, it makes it appear as though it contains strong language, or other inappropriate content. It is also blocked for anybody whose settings on either iTunes of Apple Music do not allow explicit songs to play.

The song is a tribute both to President Donald Trump and the American worker. These are two things that Apple, which makes virtually all their products in Communist china, seem to despise.

With the new set of Trump administration tariffs hitting China, 46 out of 50 Apple products will be effected. So it is clear they have a lot of financial incentive to shut down pro-Trump voices on the internet.

The Deplorable Choir, made up of three young women who simply go by Cj, Val, Linz, has been a smash hit since the start of President Trump’s campaign for President. The trio consider themselves “Trump’s little cheerleaders,” and often make fun and upbeat songs both supporting the President, and poking fun at his enemies.

They have made a huge name for themselves through their music, with appearances on Fox News, and at a Trump rally in Texas where they sang the National Anthem.

Big League Politics reached out to the Deplorable Choir, who said they were so mad when they found out that they had to calm themselves down with beer:

“When saw that we were so mad we had to calm ourselves down with beer! Doesn’t matter what you do it seems like every online platform is out to get conservatives. Anything they can do to make us all look bad.. we keep everything pure, fun and clean, but apparently a patriotic song is really pushing that line!”

The trio will be performing at the upcoming American Priority Conference at the Trump Doral Resort in Miami, Florida. The conference also features big name speakers like Donald Trump Jr., Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Anyone who wants to see them sing live can purchase tickets to the event at



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