J.P. Morgan Confirms That Another COVID-19 Lockdown Would Further Enrich the Globalist Elite

Monolithic banking firm J.P. Morgan confirmed what should be obvious by now: COVID-19 lockdown policies help globalist elites and China-owned corporations amass more political and economic power.

“Although it has had a negative impact in the short term, the reemergence of lockdowns and resultant growth weakness could bolster the above equity upside over the medium to longer term via inducing more QE and thus more liquidity creation,” J.P. Morgan managing director Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou said.

“This doesn’t mean that any fiscal stimulus post US election would not have implications for markets. It would, but more in terms of how steep the yield curve or how broad the equity bull market is going to be post the US election, i.e. whether it would encompass value and traditional cyclical sectors or continue to be more narrowly focused on high quality and growth oriented stocks,” JP Morgan said in their full statement.

“It also means that the virus resurgence and the reemergence of lockdowns and growth weakness could bolster the above equity upside via inducing more QE and thus more liquidity creation,” they added.

J.P. Morgan understands that the Federal Reserve and big government will bail them out when times get tough, but small businesses will die, and competition will be crushed. The wonks at Zerohedge offered the technical definition of this incredibly evil economic system that is emerging out of the pandemic.

“Yes – JPM did in fact state what “tinfoil blogs” had been saying for over a decade: that the worse the economy gets, the better it is for risk assets as the Fed has no choice but to step in and keep bailing out bulls as the alternative – a full-blown market crash – is simply an inconceivable scenario for a country where private sector financial assets now represent a record 6.2x the GDP and where household net worth which is mostly in financial assets, has never been larger,” they wrote.

Big League Politics has reported on how oligarchs have grown obscenely rich throughout the pandemic, which has facilitated the greatest wealth transfer in human history:

Research that the Institute for Policy Studies published on August 17, 2020 indicated that the dozen richest Americans now own more than $1 trillion in wealth.

If President Trump does not achieve absolute victory in Tuesday’s election, the middle class will likely be wiped away for good with COVID mass hysteria as the excuse for this economic takeover.

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