Jack Posobiec Challenges Dr. Oz To Publicly Defend His Leftist Positions

Posobiec Challenges Dr. Oz-
Is The Oz truly as conservative as he puts on? American journalist Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily published a video announcement Monday about his outlet’s investigation into Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is currently running a campaign for the US Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican.
Posobiec suggested on his show that there are many reasons for Americans to doubt Oz’s credibility when he claims to be a strong political conservative.”We went in. And so we’ve seen these new interviews, where Dr. Oz suddenly at long last has decided that he’s a conservative. And so I said, ‘You know what, I want to check the record on that.’ So we went to the record. I gotta tell you, folks: This guy does not have a conservative record,” Posobiec said.


Clips were then played showing Oz, who today claims he is ardently opposed to anti-second amendment regulations and is a massive supporter of the right to bear arms, advocating in favor of state-level red flag laws that grant government agents the ability to strip citizens of the firearms without due process.

“Do a little investigating, I’m alerting you, put a little red flag up there saying this person is a concern. Then, I would hope that all the states would say ‘well if there’s obvious evidence and you’re pointing us to it, you don’t have to get involved personally… that’s what’s eventually gonna happen hopefully in most states,” Oz could be seen saying in a flashback clip from 2019.

Another featured clip showed Oz questioning the efficacy of ‘fetal heartbeat’ laws passed back in 2019.

Oz has also previously complained that the CDC does not have the ability to “study gun violence,” a common false leftist myth often used to argue for further gun control. The senate candidate was likely referring to The Dickey Amendment, a provision of Congress’ annual appropriations legislation which simply prohibits the use of federal funds to advocate for or against gun control from a political point of view.

“We have a lot of questions here at Human Events Daily, about your statements on red flag laws. You said you wanted them in every one of the states. You said it was your hope 50 states to have red flag laws. Doesn’t sound very conservative, no due process there. What’s going on with that? Come on the show. Let’s talk about it. You talked about how heartbeat bills aren’t really heartbeat bills, because it’s just electrical impulses. I’d love to talk about that because I know a lot of people in the very conservative pro-life community who say that heartbeat bills are one of the most important things that people can do. You also talked to transgender children. You promoted transgenderism and children and you promoted a certain individual who had top surgery when they were in seventh grade,” said Posobiec in his invitation to Dr. Oz.The Human Events Daily Host pulled no punches during his show’s episode, also calling the Pennsylvania Republican senate candiate out for his previous praise of Chinese lockdowns and explicit wishes that similar draconian measures be brought to the United States.

“You said that we should take China’s blueprint and use it here in this country,” Posobeic stated during the segment’s conclusion.

“What’s going on with that, good doctor?” Posobeic asked, before delivering his final words. “Come on Human Events Daily, we’ll talk more.”

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Posobiec Challenges Dr. Oz

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