Jake Tapper: “Christmas Is Probably Not Going to be Possible”

CNN commentator Jake Tapper suggested that Christmas wouldn’t be possible this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on Sunday.

Christmas is probably not going to be… possible.

Tapper made the comment during a segment with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who proposed that Americans embrace “public health measures” in vague terms. Apparently cancelling the celebration of Christmas is one of them, as Fauci responded in the positive.

Tapper claimed that he was merely talking about families celebrating Christmas in groups, trying to walk back his suggestion after the declaration aroused controversy. He’s seemingly unaware that the Christian religion encourages Christians to congregate in groups to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Tapper invoked his religion to claim he was being unfairly attacked, claiming that his own words were being “obviously” taken out of context.

The celebration of Christmas isn’t up to Jake Tapper to decide.

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