Jake Tapper Runs Away From Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Challenge To ‘Make Jake Debate’

CNN host Jake Tapper is ducking out of a proposed debate with anti-vaccine truth teller Robert F. Kennedy Junior. Tapper’s cowardice makes clear that CNN is not capable of defending its pro-Medical Tyranny agenda if a real human being like Kennedy Junior is allowed to appear on their corporate airwaves. CNN’s Jake Tapper obviously feels that CNN’s audience, comprised largely of people who unwillingly have to absorb CNN on the screen at the airport, are not entitled to hear Robert F. Kennedy Junior’s views on a mainstream corporate platform.

Kennedy Junior’s expertise on the vaccine issue is substantial, and Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci, published in hardcover on November 16, is a #1 bestseller. Kennedy Junior was poised to run a vaccine safety commission in the early days of President Donald Trump’s administration, but Bill Gates bragged that he managed to get the commission shut down. The establishment is clearly afraid of Robert Kennedy Junior, who has been fighting for humanity against the vaccine agenda ever since the issue first began to permeate the public consciousness. The vaccine oligarchs infamously began pumping millennial children with concerningly large vaccine doses and Robert F. Kennedy Junior has been on the front lines calling out those vaccines’ reported links to autism in children for years.

Similarly, CNN’s Brian Stelter backed out of an interview with me, Big League Politics’ Patrick Howley, because I demanded that the interview be conducted live as promised by Stelter’s staff. Stelter wanted to change the arrangement to make it a taped interview, and he refused to let me on the air to defend myself against Stelter, the man that Tucker Carlson refers to as CNN’s court “eunuch.” So CNN has a documented record of cowardice.

Robert F. Kennedy Junior is not backing down, and he has started the hashtag #MakeJakeDebate. Of course, Jake Tapper is ducking Kennedy Junior. Tapper sneered on Twitter, “Truly embarrassing. No, I’m not going to lend credence to a conspiracy theorist whose views are so false, unhinged, and dangerous to public health his own siblings feel the need publish op-eds against him.” But Tapper does not seem to understand that it is not he who lends credence to someone like Robert F. Kennedy Junior. Rather, it is Jake Tapper who must answer to Robert F. Kennedy Junior and the voices of parents around the world who reject corporatist mainstream media propaganda. Will Jake Tapper debate Kennedy?

Kennedy Junior addressed his supporters on Christmas Eve:

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