James Comey’s Wife And Daughters Voted For Hillary, Marched In Anti-Trump Rally

In his new self-agrandizing novel, fired cop James Comey reveals the personal conflicts of interest he had with President Trump while serving as head of the FBI.

His wife AND daughters voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

But that’s not all, Comey’s wife and daughters aren’t just Democrats. They are left wing activists.

According to ABC News, the former FBI chief discloses that his family attended the Women’s March, the day after President Trump was sworn in. If you remember, one of the major themes for the protest was a demand for impeachment. Yes, impeachment, one day after the President was sworn in.

Comey himself sat out the highly contested election, but it’s truly eye-opening that his closest family members were Hillary fans who protested against President Trump so quickly in his term.

This explains some of Comey’s behavior in the months that passed in between his announcement that the investigation of Hillary Clinton was being reopened in the fall of 2016 up until his firing by Trump in mid-2017.

Was it all because his wife was giving him hell at home?

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